Today's Adventure in Watercoloring: Flowers!

Hi, everyone!  This lesson (the final one!!!) shows us an easy way to free-paint flowers and leaves.

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous since I don't normally free-paint and I was concerned my leaves would just end up looking like blobs on paper.
Thankfully, it didn't turn out that way!

Card 1: Those are real blobs!

Card one features a wreath design; it was supposed to be a more abstract wreath and my coloring proves just how abstract it is! (You can laugh; I sure did.) I can see where I need to improve upon but it did turn out well for the first try!

Card 2: Yes, Virginia; those are leaves.

Card two is supposed to be layers of leaves; I was not happy with how it turned out because I was having trouble forming the leaves in the first place (IOW, it's totally the student's fault!). Thankfully, I was improving as time went on.

Card 3: Not bad....but....
Card three is technically not a card; I didn't put it on a base. First time trying a rose and I wasn't happy with it. Instead, I'll focus on that happy blue flower that looks pretty. :D

Card 4: Happy little rose!

Card four really made me smile; I finally got the hang of the rose shape and the leaves! HOORAY! I really like this one and I'm quite pleased with it.

Card 5: FINALLY.

Card five takes the same rose shape and leaves and firmly plants it in a pot. This one is, by far, my favorite of the bunch. I see the improvement and I see one very happy blueish rose. :D

Thank you so much for taking the time in seeing how some amateur can learn how to watercolor various things and makes them into cards!!

Until next time....



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