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New Content: First Impressions!

Hi, everyone; Marie here with a new review and new content for the YT channel.
Occasionally, I will try new things but I hardly see anyone post reviews or first impressions on the things I try. I will give a grade based on product claim and ease of use.
That said, here's my First Impression on the Tonic Easy Clean Mat (Warning: Glitter gets EVERYWHERE, I need stock in Swiffer cloths, and the mat does a good job.).

Ease of Use: A-. It does stick to the surface of the table and it's hard to reposition once it's "stuck". You can lift it up and reposition without issue.
Product Claim: B. While it is easy to clean using a microfiber or Swiffer cloth, you can't dump contents back into container by lifting mat up and funneling Messy Stuff into container. Just. Won't. Happen.
Overall: B+. As long as you position the mat next to the table's edge, it would be easy to wipe Messy Stuff into its original container. Would keep using.
Until next time...

Latest YT videos: A Couple of Hauls; Other Things!

First off, I'd like to apologize for not updating as much as I should! With getting into a new house, unpacking (Oh the joys!), and creating a new space for a craft room, I haven't been updating my blog! (EEK!) Anywho, I'm back and up for a challenge (or a few).

Second, I have been able to film a couple of haul videos from Simon Says Stamp, so I did manage to do something!
In fact, here's the first one of two that were done this week!

Filled with awesome goodies (I mean, Doodlebug pins!!! How precious are they!!!!) and one thing I haven't tried yet; I am planning on a First Impressions video about the Tonic Keep Clean Mat, so keep an eye out for it SOON.

I am also planning to put out a video or two using some of the newest goodies that have shown up at my doorstep.

Bear with me as this gets rolling!